Terry and Beverly’s Testimonial


Carrie and Kathy did an outstanding job. They kept in touch with us frequently throughout out engagement, story sending us sample shots so we felt prepared when our special day arrived. They were not over bearing, bossy or rude to our guests like some horror stories we heard. They were great at capturing the moments that we will now get to remember forever! They were completely organized and on the same page. We are very impressed with their before, during and after the ceremony plan.


The advantage of having both wonderful ladies was having the different views, angles and ideas. Having the opportunity to catch different areas of the event turned out to be such a benefit; otherwise we would have never gotten to see some of our guests hilarious and touching moments.

Kathy and Carrie gave clear direction and worked exceptionally well with the children in the wedding party. The props and scenery created absolutely stunning photos. We are in awe of how gorgeous all of the photos turned out. They went above and beyond our expectations. I actually bawled when Carrie sent us a few samples.

We are endlessly grateful for the amount of time, thought and effort Carrie and Kathy put forward to make sure we were stressed as little as possible. Most of all we are grateful that they created such unique and ever lasting memories for us, our families and our friends.

~Terry and Beverly Hartwick